How To Link Contents With SEO Contents is considered to be an important requirement for search engine optimisation. Only with your own efforts, you can able to display your contents in the top of your search engine, so here are some simple steps to do that: Keywords are essential: As do other SEO’s, you should consider keyword as the supreme for providing information to the SEO. Keyword listings should be the words which a searcher will use to find your site. If you find the keyword, then start to use the term in your content. Try to use the key phrases and keywords which your audience uses while searching for your website. Use Google keyword planner tool to find the correct video keyword. The best keyword have strong relevance, low competition and high search volume. Quality benefits: Creating a content is possible for evryone, but creating a high quality content is hard and it requires investments and thoughts. A video with good quality is always valuable, it doesn’t work well if a video has good SEO, without proper quality. Google uses techniques like backlinks to get good quality of contents, where YouTube uses interactions. SEO hacks: 3 bad habits that you need to bury alive If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and want to open a website, then consider hiring a good SEO analyst. After all, a bad website would not do justice to your website and possibly ruin it! Every business would badly need a promotion, and web presence is the most essential factor. Having a good website that ranks at the topmost position on Google is not an easy task. You need to be aware of certain strategies and there are 3 habits that you must completely get rid of. Never EVER stuff your content with keywords Using the right keywords will fetch you the so called “traffic” but do not make a wrong move by stuffing your website with keywords. Too many keywords at wrong places could possibly break your website. Using a lot of keywords was a hit back then, but do not get deceived by it because Google has changed its policies way back then. Focus more on design and sitemap Yes, SEO is important, but that cannot save your website from a bad design and an awful user experience. If you think your title and URL could make your website go viral, then get out of the fantasy world and stay wide awake! Focus more on the design and the interface, and then you could think about the rest! After all, no one would like to stay on the website that has a bad interface because it’s a big fat NO! Content is the king! Many people who think they are way too smart focus on SEO and care the least about the content. But honestly speaking, it is not going to fetch you any traffic! If the houston web design firm content stinks like a cute little skunk (very sarcastic), the users would switch over to some other website in a matter of few seconds! The best way that SEO uses to determine the quality of the content is by examining the links to specific pieces of contents. Develop images and multimedia contents: Create words for search engine to optimize web design chicago multimedia contents and images for search. Create descriptive names for files, which makes it easier for search engines to find it and it is considered to be most important for search rank. Websites using multimedia files need a naming protocol to establish flexibility in the names used for audio, video and graphics.