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Introduction – Anthony F. Sanchez, the author of the book “UFO Highway”, which is a book all about aliens and the truth behind their statements. Here, he exposed the secret underground test facilities which were taking place in China and Dulce, Mexico, where government agencies conspire with extraterrestrial beings to reverse engineer their products and find the technology used by alien civilizations.

This website UFO Hyway helps you to understand the existence of extra terrestrial beings and also helps us to clearly understand the conspiracy behind the government agencies. And mainly, this website consists of information of extraterrestrial beings, unidentified flying objects, etc.


For example, there is a place in the belly of Nevada, lies a mystery which is surrounded by undeveloped desert. Area 51, the secret military base within Nellis Test and Training Range, this matter is kept so secret that the government didn’t even acknowledge the existence of Area 51, till 2013.

According to UFO lore, the Pentagon hid and stored frozen extraterrestrials, and recovered an alien spacecraft, in an area called Groom Lake. If you drive on the north of Area 51 on the highway also called Extraterrestrial Highway where you might see an unidentified flying object like someone claimed.

Extraterrestrial Highway

As you hear the word, Nevada, many people think of many things, but, most of them think of the Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada is famous for. If you don’t know anything about it, it is just that there is a theory that there is presence of extraterrestrial beings in Nevada so, Nevada’s State Route 375 is also called extraterrestrial highway.


Then, there is Area 51 which is a military installation for making weapons and aircraft but, weirdly was not acknowledged by the US government, till 2013, even after people shared photographs. Most natives from Nevada accept the extraterrestrial existence and say that Area 51 has a UFO spacecraft crashed there inside. Maybe it is true or false, but, a Nevada highway that runs between Ash Springs and Warm Springs is devoted to Extraterrestrials.

Along the highway, comes the town Rachel, which is known as the unofficial headquarters for UFO watchers. Another interesting fact about the town Rachel, a public dedication of the 1996 movie ‘Independence Day’, was done in Rachel and the movie’s plot being the aliens invade into the Earth and human beings take a stand against them at Area 51. In Rachel, there is a bar and grill named Little A’Le Inn, which is pronounced Little Alien. So, from now, someone says Nevada to you, answer them with this.

Area 51: The Truth

Area 51 is a military airfield which is majorly used for development of aircrafts and weapons. This area contributed more in the Nevada test and training range of the US Air Force. But, according to a conspiracy theorist, there is a crash UFO space craft over there, to prove this point, one from the army and many more people came forward to prove it.


The government has made area 51 as a place to develop weapons and aircraft where reconnaissance planes and stealth bombers, are also made. So, it is being viewed like the military has a hidden alien spacecraft and alien at area 51. A strict security system has been implemented by the government, due to which accesses to the base become difficult, and the access can only be done by an authorized person. Only authorized people can get into the base with the shuttle, and any normal person cannot access the base.

From the above information, you would’ve understood that Area 51 is no man’s land; the groom lake is also included in the area and is surrounded by camouflaged guards. Cammo dudes are some special creatures which are seen to travel there with Cherokee Jeeps to monitor the border area of the plane. Some visitors are there who want to get in willingly, but, even they were not allowed.

With the help of the place’s electronic surveillance system, the base becomes really safe and secured from unwanted or unauthorized people who are willing to get into the place. The surveillance system also monitors the equipment that can easily sense human sweat.

Heavy penalties are charged on the intruders if they anything unethical or out of the law. US government has kept this place, and to keep the sites really safe and secure and if you want images you can get it from the aerial satellite with a 3D map.

Who did It?

Anthony F. Sanchez, a B.Sc. (Computer Information Systems) graduate, who studied at Western Governors University of Salt Lake City, UT. He is employed for the past 16 years as a Software Engineer, working of different companies like Acer, Intel, Hewlett Packard, 3Com and Netscape Communications, and developed high-level software which supports scientific engineering and projects of business intelligence. In 1989, he became interested in UFOs when Area 51 was surfaced as a public phenomenon.


Employing various scientific methods and hands-on approaches, he researched the subject matter thoroughly, since 2000 and compiled UFO-related data which were researched for decades. Also, he studied about the ancient religious texts like the Nag Hammadi codices, various gospels from the Dead Sea Scrolls like the ‘book of Giants’ and ‘book of Enoch’, in detail to improve his knowledge in the Human Origins and also studied Sumerian-Babylonian translations like the Enuma Elish and the Atra-Hasis, in addition to numerous Akkadian Mesopotamian cylinder seals and Akkadian cuneiform inscriptions.

He was the man behind this entire expose’ and his research is what is helping us find the truth about the extraterrestrial beings and the government’s plan to reverse engineer the products and the technology from the alien civilization.

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